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Modular Kitchens

Anand Industries are one of the leading designer and Solution provider for all template and design for Modular Kitchens and we are expertise in all kitchen layouts as
Island, Parallel, Straight, L-Shape, U-Shape, Open, and Galley .
We customise kitchen solution as family and home requirements and will provide optimize solution like L-Shaped kitchen is most suited to homes that do not need too much worktop spaces On other hand galley shaped kitchen is suitable for small homes. So, we expertise in customized solutions as per client requirement
Our experts are involving in kitchen Planning is an immersive process that with deep knowledge and understanding of aspects such as kitchen layout, kitchen surfaces, appliances in the kitchen area, and overall design
We focus on typically, all aspects of as kitchens should are open-concept places with ceilings, long countertops, and designed storage solutions that mitigate any signs of clutter.
Further, our kitchen design typically features reflective materials as we are manufacturer of our materials that look their best when exposed.
Our kitchen designs are based on simplicity is meant to increase the appearance of open space and enhance the uncluttered look of the room.


Modular Furnitures

We at Anand industries are very attentive for Furniture Pieces Bedroom
Our solutions are deal with all essential Bedroom Pieces that Shouldn't Miss. A bedroom set and a bedside lamp is always a great place to start, but there are other essential bedroom we focus on below aspects of bedroom very effectively
Bedroom Dresser
Bedside Table
Chair or Couch.
Our experts deal very professionally deals with storage beds and built-in storage drawers or shelves in the headboard or frame, which is great for small bedrooms or homes with limited storage space.
Bed Essentials
Bedside Table and Lamp
Dresser or Drawers.
Full-Length Mirror.
Lounge Chair.
Storage Solutions.
Soft Blankets and Throws.
We keep core concept of bedrooms as bedrooms are personal and unique spaces, so what you'll need will depend on your specific tastes and design style. But there are some essential items that every bedroom should have.


Dinning Room

Our expert dining Room - Decorating Ideas are total base on customers Budget and requirement We provide solutions for dining room with statement lighting, stylish rugs, lively wall art (plus DIY wall decor) and striking wallpaper patterns. We belives for dressing,dining table, you can't go wrong with luxurious candles, impressive centerpieces and fresh greens. Our designs and solutions are Contemporary Dining Rooms are spaces that have an open-space concept, with the kitchen merging with the dining or living room or the dining and living room merging. This results in an airy and comfortable living space, avoiding ornate designs. Our expert attention over below points make difference between us and others designers and services providers Fit for Purpose, Size of the Space. Different Shaped Dining Tables. Table Height. Style. Dining Chairs. Colour Scheme. Lighting.


Interior Works

We in Anand Industries believes interior design as art and science of increasing the interior as and method of building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for home. An interior is combination of plans, researches, coordinates, and manages which enhancement living experience. We help to provide conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research and multi-dimension preview so that customer able to make fair decision and make lives simpler and easier. We deal with construction and execution of the design with keeping customer as centrally forces to drive. With all aspect of expertise and knowledge we help customers to choose best as per their suitability